James Duncan


Once upon a time we might have first mentioned his dazzling ‘Mirror Minor EP’ or the myriad of mucho-famoso bands that have requested Mr Duncan’s fine frettedness… but no longer. Now with ‘Hello-Fi’ shining a light on his effervescent, indescribably expansive, talents we just whisper that he’s the gat geez and much more in SJD, Punches etc when he’s not being downright bloody brilliant on his lonesome.

What does he do?
Frankly, what doesn’t he do?? Though he has some heavyweight help (Bachelorette, Dino Karlis, Kelly Steven, Jeremy Toy, Julien Dyne etc) on ‘Hello-Fi’, it truly is a peek into the Duncanosphere with James playing anything and everything all over the shop, and stepping up to the microphone like never before. He also played a large part in the writing and production of SJD’s ‘Dayglo Spectres’ so the real answer to the question is… what he does is channel awesomeness.

What’s he up to?
James released the excellent and epic ‘Vanishing’ album for Banished From The Universe (with our full approval) and continues to be part of the RTM gang…big time.

Why RTM?
Having blinding tunes and unfathomable amounts of persistence does pay off. Every time he popped out the laptop and got on his live grind the RTM scout-droid would drop its metallic jaw in disbelief. We had to have eeeeeet.