Jefferson Belt


Real name, real talk popkids. In another life he played geeetar for Sperm Bank 5, small world.

What does he do?
He makes tunes, blindingly good ones, from old synthesizers with new ideas. It’s like a rummage through the best op-shop record section in the world, there’s no Pal Joey or Pyjama Game in the Beltosphere, no siree bob!

What’s he up to?
Mr Belt was recently airlifted from the perilous ‘Valley Of The Million Brilliant Demos’ and is applying rhythmic resuscitation and melodic massage exactly where it is required.

Why RTM?
It was a no brainer, on both sides, no brains is a pre-requisite for signing up to the RTM space programme. There was years of plotting and planning, kerffuffling and pontificating, and then we struck on the bright idea of just releasing the very best tunes whatever the style, then he wrote even better ones so they had to go on. Eventually there was an album, may there be many more.