Phelps & Munro


We wish we knew. The camera is a liar.

What do they do?
Words are of little use when it comes to describing the Phelps & Munro experience, a series of awkward facial expressions or peculiar hand gestures would be just as pertinent. We do know that an MPC2000 is the nutstore for these squirrels’ musical machinations and what comes out of it strange, wonderful and quite unique.

What are they up to?
If we told you, we’d have to kill you. That’s a bit impractical.

Why RTM?
If we ever receive a better demo, I’ll eat my hat (a pith helmet naturally). The best part of 30 short slices of completely individual genius that sounded a little like postnrock getting in a knife fight with spaztronica. The finest of these moments of deep tranquility and shredded stereo made it onto Slowpoke.