Scratch 22


Also known as Rodi Kirk, Mr 22 is a DJ, Producer and all round good geezer. He’s a co-founder of Auckland’s aucklandiest crew The ARC, won the 2010 NZ Red Bull Fre3style competition (going on to rep his homeland in the Paris World Champs) and is the go-to guy for quality support action and headlining hi-jinx. His remixes of allies like Electric Wire Hustle and Homebrew are justifiably legendary, and his own productions are at the top level of elsewhere. We may gush, but we do not jest.

What does he do?
As previously mentioned he’s a fair bit of an award winning spinner on them decks, but with regards to his own productions, music making and ting – Scratch 22 is in another world. For ‘Distance From View’ he turned on the taps to moody and melancholy, with drama to burn, however his other productions are something else entirely.

What’s he up to?
Currently producing amazing music live and in the studio with Aron Ottignon. There’s also been some sterling soundtrack work and sneaky remixes and clips on ye internets – get yer search on and keep a beady one peeled in his direction for next levelosity.

Why RTM?
First an email from Rodi’s partner, Gemma. We asked for tunes. Got tunes. Good tunes. Linked with Rodi & Gemma. Good people. Good meeting. Fast forward about a year = Distance From View.

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