SJD is Sean James Donnelly, the sonic squire of West Auckland. The SJD band is Sean, James Duncan, Mike Hall, Victoria Kelly, Chris O Connor and Sandy Mill.

What does he do?
Sean writes exquisite songs that span the rhythmic range, from moody balladeering to motoric danceable delicacies and most points in-between.Amongst those are such impossible beauties as Tree People, Superman You’re Crying, From A To B Or Not Be,I Wrote This Song For You and Make Love Ask Questions Later. Once upon a time long ago he was oft compared to the likes of Beck and Badly Drawn Boy, that’s nice, but it couldn’t work. These days he’s compared to SJD.

What’s he up to?
Revoluting and revalating in and around the humble the majesty of his 7th album ‘Saint John Divine’.

Why RTM?
Because he asked us, before we asked him. His debut ‘3’ sent off ridiculously promising vibrations amongst so much mediocrity, and the Gigawatti track for the Sideways compilation remains a label classic, doing anything else would have been unthinkable and innapropriate.

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