The Vietnam War


Lubin Rains (Vocals, Guitar, Harp)
Saan Barratt (Bass)
Matthew Short (Guitar)
Kristal Gallagher (Guitar)
Kari Hammond (Drums)

What do they do?
In their own words they are ‘a five piece band making honest guitar music in isolation’. It isn’t alt-anything, it may well be anti-American Americana, basically you just need to hear and see ’em. Folks who like to hang labels on things have been doing their best to pin something on this bunch… them charges will never stick officer…

What are they up to?

Why RTM?
Bassman Saan is responsible for all of the music on Tourettes ‘Tiger Belly’. It’s good, very good. We were curious about what else was going on round them parts so we waylaid the mastering man and purloined a copy of the freshly finished album – highwayman style and fashion – to appease our insatiable inquisitiveness. A couple of weeks later after completely falling in love with the record, production don Karl Steven let slip that it didn’t yet have a proper home. Holy hell. To say we were in like Flynn suggests that the Tasmanian trouser terror was a bit turtle like.