Dominic Hoey, part of the highly esteemed Breaking Wreckwordz familia and that much of a wordsmith he’s just about a wordjones. With The Misadventures Of Johnny Favourite, Gimme 5 Dollars And I’ll Show You My Dick and Who Said You Can’t Dance To Misery albums under his belt he’s no spring chicken, he’s no grizzled turkey neither.

What does he do?
Most anything with words, the spoken variety, poetry, rhymingy sorta stuff but nothing average or predictable. Superlative shit all the way.

What’s he up to?
Writing, reading and opining loudly when asked/not asked. Often to be found gigging in both the hippity-hop and spoken word worlds, the lesser spotted Tourettes is best kept an eye on.

Why RTM?
Recognizing that Tiger Belly is the kind of wordy weed that might benefit from a different patch of soil to most, Dom hit us up with half a dozen demos from the long planned album with The Vietnam War’s Saan Barratt. Colour us mightily impressed (and to be fair much of his previous output had also tickled our tastebuds) and before you know it there were discussions over beers in Melbourne and it was all on. Lord knows what we’ve got ourselves into.

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